Soil Environment Services

We assess soils on sites ranging from nature reserves to contaminated building sites

Greenfield or Agricultural Land Survey
Soil Environment Services has considerable expertise in delivering soil assessments and soil surveys for greenfield sites and agricultural land. This can be required for example to meet planning requirements for housing or solar park planning applications, building development or mineral extraction applications.


Our services in this area include:

           Land classification surveysFurther information

  • Agricultural Land Classification (ALC – England & Wales),
  • Land Capability Classification for Agriculture (LCCA – Scotland)
  • Land Capability Classification for Forestry (LCCF)

            Environmental permits for land spreading

            Mineral extraction soil movement planning Further information

            Woodland burial site soil survey

Soil impact assessment and mitigation for your development can be included in a report which would be designed in consultation with yourselves to integrate into a larger environmental impact assessment or statement report if required.

Contact us to schedule a greenfield/agricultural soil survey or to discuss your survey or land classification requirements. We will be happy to supply you with a quote for our soil assessment services.