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Spreading waste directly on land
Testing and nutrient balance assessments can be carried out together with the application of a Waste Management Licence Exemption. Plant bioassay research work can be undertaken to determine the beneficial properties of a compost or organic material to be used on land.


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Soil manufacture
Synthetic soil use (the use of combined soil-forming materials) has traditionally been undertaken whenever a shortage of soils has arisen. Following placement on an area to be restored, a mineral soil-forming material would then, usually, be augmented with some form of organic matter, very often some form of sewage sludge which would need to be imported into the site. Many other different organic matter sources are however now increasingly available to help in the production of synthetic soils for land restoration. To satisfy the Waste Management Licensing regulations, agricultural or ecological benefit will need to be proved and therefore information on the plant nutrients to be supplied to agricultural plants or mainly soil structural improvements to be imparted for ecological benefit must be quantified.

With all synthetic soil manufacturing, whether undertaken on the ground or prior to application, some degree of initial testing and then research studies are essential to satisfy both the regulatory authorities and provide the site operators with practical achievable procedures and goals.

On-farm/site composting
For on-farm composting, a site survey and Risk Assessment for the local planning authority and the Environment Agency may need to be carried out in the first instance. On-farm composting planning applications, operational advice and cropping regime nutrient management plans are undertaken. Life Cycle Assessment to ISO 14040 can be performed.


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