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Spreading waste to land – update

New Environmental Permitting Regulations were introduced in England and Wales from April 6th 2010, which replace the 2007 Waste Licensing regulations. New applications for Waste Exemptions under the old system are no longer accepted, although renewals for existing exemptions continue to be accepted for selected activities.

Some activities are exempt under the new permitting system. Other activities require a Waste Permit under either Standard Rules or a “Bespoke Permit” in special circumstances.

Deployment applications are required for land spreading, reclamation, restoration and improvement activities in addition to a Standard Rules Permit (formerly Paragraph 7 and Paragraph 9 exemptions). These activities require certification of either agricultural or ecological benefit by suitably qualified specialists.

SES process Waste Permit applications and complete Deployment Forms (providing full certification of benefit as required under the legislation) for activities including the following:

• SR2010No4 Mobile plant for land-spreading
• SR2010No5 Mobile plant for the reclamation, restoration or improvement of land
• SR2010No9 Use of waste for the reclamation, restoration or improvement of land (up to 50,000 tonnes)
• SR2010No10 Use of waste for the reclamation, restoration or improvement of land (up to 100,000 tonnes)

We are also able to undertake Waste Permit Applications, including full site risk assessments for biological waste treatment activities including composting, anaerobic digestion facilities and storage of biologically treated waste.

We continue to provide services for the renewal of Paragraph 7 and Paragraph 9 waste exemptions.

Please contact us for advice on Waste Permitting.

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