Soil Environment Services

Soil Surveys, Soil Investigations, Site Investigations and Environmental Land Surveys

Gardens and parks investigations

  • Soil assessment for shrubs and trees
  • BS3882 topsoil assessment


Assessment of failed landscape schemes


We will come on site and take soil samples for analysis, examine the soil profile to depth to assess structure and drainage characteristics and take note of plant failure at the site.


A report will be compiled to explain the plant failure and recommend remedial options.


Soil manufacture specification


Soil Manufacturing

Developing a sympathetic landscape for land reclamation and restoration can often place a high demand for quality soils. Soil design and manufacturing is often the best solution to meet the needs of these projects rather than the economic and environmental cost of importing soil onto site. We have considerable experience in soil manufacturing for landscaping or as part of a solution for a contaminated land site.


Our expert soil scientists have considerable expertise in sustainable soil design and manufacturing in a range of land development projects. This has included:


  • Utilising site won materials in the design of soils
  • Soil manufacturing using green waste compost and industrial waste
  • Field and laboratory testing of soil profile designs
  • Larger scale trials involving habitat creation and planting
  • Advice on soil production methods
  • On-going soils testing and analysis


Synthetic soil use (the use of combined soil-forming materials) has traditionally been undertaken whenever a shortage of soils has arisen. Following placement on an area to be restored, a mineral soil-forming material would then, usually, be augmented with some form of organic matter, very often some form of sewage sludge which would need to be imported into the site. Many other different organic matter sources are however now increasingly available to help in the production of synthetic soils for land restoration. To satisfy the Waste Management Licensing regulations, agricultural or ecological benefit will need to be proved and therefore information on the plant nutrients to be supplied to agricultural plants or mainly soil structural improvements to be imparted for ecological benefit must be quantified.


With all synthetic soil manufacturing, whether undertaken on the ground or prior to application, some degree of initial testing and then research studies are essential to satisfy both the regulatory authorities and provide the site operators with practical achievable procedures and goals.


Soil drainage problems


We survey a site and assess groundwater levels and if required undertake the ‘Soakaway’ test to BRE 365, Soakaways.


Please contact us if you require this type of investigation.