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Woodlands investigations

Soil survey for woodland development


We can be design soils specifically to suit grassland or woodland, or more commonly combinations of the two.


For grassland, for example, requirements can be for speed of development or for species rich swards. These can be designed into the soil specification.


For woodlands, a major requirement will be for sufficient water in the profile to supply the tree’s needs in dry periods and so both ensure a low failure rate after planting and also eventually support the needs of a mature full size tree.


Land Capability Classification for Forestry (LCCF)


LCCF surveys have been undertaken  for developments in upland areas as this land classification system is an aid to decision-making at broad planning levels, as a guide for land managers and as a statement of the natural resources of the land of Britain in terms of forestry.


Unlike the land classifications systems for agriculture, LCCF includes an assessment of the windthrow hazard that may occur in an area. Due to the prevalence of planting in the hill areas of Britain where high wind speeds and soils producing shallow rooting are most likely to occur in combination, windthrow hazard is recognised as a limitation in this land classification.


Soil drainage assessment


Soil drainage assessment can be undertaken by examining the soil structure, adjacent water courses, groundwater levels and site topography. We will visit a site, undertake boreholes and soil pits and a measure groundwater.


Please contact us if you require this type of investigation.